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There are many good reasons for relocating to Jacksonville, but, perhaps, none better than the Mayo Clinic.

For more than 20 years, the Mayo Clinic Jacksonville has been providing the highest quality medical care to patients from around the world. The Mayo Clinic at Jacksonville has a world-renowned transplant facility. Many people need to temporarily relocate to Jacksonville to undergo treatment or to receive a transplant at the Mayo Clinic.. Many medical professionals also relocate to Jacksonville to have the opportunity to work at the Mayo Clinic.

Patients and medical professionals who are new to the Jacksonville area could face the obstacles inherent in a temporary or permanent relocation. Extended hotel stays can be uncomfortable and may not accommodate all of your needs. Luckily, Corporate Suite Shoppe offers those looking for a short term rental with comfortable solutions. Patients can enjoy a short term rental, with their families, while they receive medical care and medical professionals can enjoy a short term rental while they look for a longer term lease or purchase.

Corporate Suite Shoppe wants to make your short term rental wonderful! We have a wide range of properties that accommodate your specific requests. With rentals close to the beach, downtown, and, of course, the Mayo Clinic, we will find the location that works best for you. We will also match you with a property that has the amenities that you are looking for, including pet-friendly options.

If you are looking for a short term rental near the Mayo Clinic, we’d love to help. It can be hard to find short term leases in Jacksonville. Corporate Suite Shoppe has been working in the short-term rental business for 20 years. We have short term furnished apartments available for lease. Our rentals generally provide one to three bedrooms. We can accommodate the needs of your family and your personal preferences. On average, the prices of our rentals are comparable to an extended stay hotel, but you receive all the comforts of home and about three times the amount of space!

No matter what your monthly budget is, we will take care of all of the details and provide you with one monthly bill with all of your living expenses including rent, utilities, and even maid service. That way you can enjoy your living space and concentrate on receiving or providing care at the Mayo Clinic while we take care of you at home!

We know all about apartments in Jacksonville, FL.

No matter what you are looking for, we can work with you to find “a home away from home.” Please call us at 904-363-2346 to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable agent about your housing needs. If you would prefer an unfurnished apartment in the Jacksonville area, please contact Leasing Jacksonville at 904-646-9900 for information. No matter what your short term housing needs, Corporate Suite Shoppe and Leasing Jacksonville can help you achieve your goals and find a comfortable home.

Talk to an agent about securing a short-term, furnished apartment in Jacksonville.

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